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zeeman - Best EU Buyer

zeeman - Best EU Buyer
zeeman - Best EU Buyer

zeeman - Best EU Buyer
zeeman - Best EU Buyer

zeeman - Best EU Buyer
zeeman - Best EU Buyer


The Origin 

In March 1967, Mr Jan Zeeman opened the doors of his first household textiles and basic clothing store in Alphen aan den Rijn. Barely 6 months later a second store was opened.
Mr Zeeman’s vision was: “Good clothing and textiles don’t have to be expensive”, and this formula proved to be an instant success. Zeeman now operates more than 1,200 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. The distribution center in the Netherlands has over 40,000m2 floor space.

Zeeman’s core principles have stood the test of time. Familiar slogans are: “You’d be mad to pay more”, “Smart shoppers choose Zeeman” and “Always sharp”. This philosophy is still here today and will never change. ‘Good quality for the lowest price’ – Zeeman will still be the right place to go for that in the years to come.

'Good clothing and textiles don't have to be expensive'.
Jan Zeeman, the founder of our company, didn't just develop this sharp vision - he alsom made it a reality. Good and cheap fashion and household textiles became our specialty. Zeeman is able to offer the very best prices through a combination of extremely efficient organization and large-scale purchasing.

This immediately proved a formula for success. A unique textiles company was born. Today, our 1,250 stores serve 60 million satisfied customers a year.

Our vision for the future

We have great ambitions. We wish to become and remain the European market leader. With a clear formula. And a team that's always looking to improve. Speed, responsibility and low costs have always been our anchor points. Simplicity and care determine the way we think and act. We have made a conscious choice to set ourselves high standards. Because only if we remain 'always sharp' in all facets of our business, can we continue to surprise our customers.

The power of Zeeman

‘Good clothing and textiles don’t have to be expensive’. Jan Zeeman, the founder of our company, didn’t just have this clear vision, he made it a reality as well. Good and cheap fashion and household textiles became our speciality. Through very efficient organization and large-scale purchasing, Zeeman was able to offer the very best prices.
 This proved to be an instant success formula. A unique textiles company was born, which now has 1.250 stores and 70 million satisfied customers per year. Constant improvement is our challenge. We’re always looking at things through our customers’ eyes, each and every day. We owe it to ourselves, but even more to our customers. That’s why our motto is:

The advantages of Zeeman

What can our customers count on? Zeeman is cheap but not tacky. A bargains paradise. That’s the basis, but there’s more. There are many, many reasons to choose Zeeman and visit our stores regularly…

Cheap but not tacky

We offer the lowest possible prices without compromising on quality.


We’re quick to respond to our customers’ changing needs. After all, the customer is king.


We’re continually surprising our customers with new, high-quality products.


We make good on our promises and we have respect for people and the environment.

The Zeeman guarantees

Our guarantees are our pride and joy. We offer quality and the lowest prices, exchanging is never a problem and all our products are produced with respect for people and the environment.
Zeeman doesn’t deal in unnecessary luxuries, and we’re not just selling words. Just good products, that’s what we’re about. You’ve recognized our quality as well – did you know, for example, that our tights are the most popular with stewardesses? Or that almost all babies wear our rompers?

You can hold us to the following four guarantees:


Contact us

Zeeman textielSupers’ head office is in Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands). Our address is:

Zeeman textielSupers
De Schans 15
2405 XX Alphen aan den Rijn
Postbus 301
2400 AH Alphen aan den Rijn
Telephone: +31 (0)172 482911
Fax:  +31 (0)172 482293

To apply for a job, you can send your application with resume to our P&O department, or send an email to

Good service is very important.
If you have any questions, ideas or complaints you can contact Zeeman Customer Services.